The Flash Movie Is “Open” To Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller

The Flash Movie Is “Open” To Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller

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The last few weeks have been crazy ones for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The duo found itself in the headlines when news broke about their untimely exit from Lucasfilm’s Han Solo movie. However, the two may not be jobless for long. Apparently DC Films is reportedly happy to have the directors sign on to direct The Flash.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter published an in-depth article exploring Lord and Miller’s Star Wars shake-up. In the report, the site wrote that the duo is “in demand” and have a job awaiting them in The Flash.

“What will happen next for Lord and Miller isn’t clear but they are in demand and have an open berth waiting for them to direct The Flash for Warner Bros., if they chose to take it,” The Hollywood Reporter explained. “They had left that film for the Han Solo movie but could return.”

It would not be surprising for fans to learn about Lord and Miller’s return to The Flash; After all, one recent report indicates the duo met with DC Entertainment about the film. Shortly…