The 10 Biggest Female Pop Stars on the Web

The music industry may be in a bit of a shambles in recent years, but try telling that to the ten women listed below; each of whom fell asleep last night on a pile of money and awoke this morning on a different, even bigger pile of money.

They earn their keep (and oh boy, do they!) making with the tunes, even while the record labels scramble and panic, and we civilians come to regard recorded music on demand as something akin to running water.

PeekYou’s PeekScore scale quantifies not an individual’s wealth or record sales but, at-a-glance, his or her online prominence, influence, presence, and activity. These women below — being among the western world’s most famous at this moment in time — are pretty much off the charts in all of these regards, and are among the precious few with the very highest PeekScores of all. So, while we generally have fun with the notion of a competitive premise behind these lists, that element is largely absent here. However, there is a tiny bit of wiggle room at the top of the PeekScore scale; a bit of headroom above “10,” as it were. These divas below are ranked in order, in terms of how much of a “10” — how much more perfect than perfection — they are.

The fact remains, they’re all massive, and they all win. Just click through the items below, and be greeted by a cornucopia of websites, social pages, videos, photos, articles upon articles, and so much more.

Rank Picture Name Recent Single PeekScore

Lady Gaga Applause 10.00 / 10.00

Katy Perry Roar 10.00 / 10.00

Britney Spears Work B***ch 10.00 / 10.00

Taylor Swift We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 10.00 / 10.00

Avril Lavigne Here’s to Never Growing Up 10.00 / 10.00

Beyoncé Knowles Love on Top 10.00 / 10.00

Nicki Minaj High School 10.00 / 10.00

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball 10.00 / 10.00

Rihanna Stay 9.53 / 10.00

Adele Skyfall 9.52 / 10.00