Taylor Swift to do Live Stream on Yahoo, August 18th

Taylor Swift
After some days of social media buzz and mystery preceding it, it was recently announced that on August 18th, at 5pm ET (2pm PT), Taylor Swift will be doing a live stream broadcast on Yahoo.

While in the midst of attempting to cultivate suspense around the event, a page on Yahoo briefly, and seemingly accidentally went live on Thursday, August 7th which announced “Taylor Swift Q&A Worldwide Live Stream.” The page didn’t last long, but there was no putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

Here’s the front page of TaylorSwift.com, from where you can learn about winning tickets to the broadcast (if you’re in the NYC area), or how to host your own viewing party:

Taylor Homepage
Whatever leaked and retracted announcements may be out there, the specific nature of the event is theoretically, officially unknown. Precedent, however, would suggest a Q&A is likely anyway. Prior to the release of her 2012 album, Red, Swift did a similar live stream Q&A before premiering that album’s first single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

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