Tarek and Christina El Moussa: Flipping Out on Each Other on Flip or Flop Set!?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa have put on a good front since their separation of approximately six months became public late last year.

Sources say they are far less cordial in private, however.

Flip or Flop Couple

The Flip or Flop twosome resumed filming this week amidst a divorce that few fans of the hit HGTV show could’ve ever seen coming.

But are they really as amicable as they’ve repeatedly said over the past few weeks, or flipping out on each other behind the scenes?

A recent report from Radar would tell you the latter.

“Tensions are ridiculous on the set with Tarek and Christina,” an production insider said. “Tarek yells at her in front of production.”

“He is constantly putting her down,” the source adds.

“He says he blames her for leaking information about their split and he thinks that she sabotaged their marriage,” the insider claims.

It’s still unclear how that information went public.

Tarek and Christina Photo

Last spring, Tarek stormed out of the house with a gun after a blowout fight with Christina. No charges were filed over the “misunderstanding.”

TMZ broke the story, however, and thanks to a statement they put out afterward, we learned Tarek and Christina El Moussa separated.

The insider says Christina may have leaked the story, knowing it would hurt his chances of getting his own series after Flip or Flop.

At least that’s what her estranged husband thinks.

According to this source, Tarek El Moussa “even seems to think that now she is trying to sabotage his chances of getting a spin-off.”

Whether that’s even remotely true is debatable, but we do…