David Cross to Match New Album Sales With ACLU Donations: “We Have to Look Out for Each Other”

David Cross

“I really believe in America and thus, believe that we can get through this. But it’s going to be a nasty next few years to say the least.”

When comedian and Arrested Development star David Cross went on the road earlier this year for his first tour in five years, he was making plenty of Donald Trump jokes, assuming (like a number of his joke-telling friends) that there was no way the former Apprentice star was going to be elected to the White House. How sure was he? He named his outing the “Making America Great Again! Tour.”

He’s not laughing so hard now, and in order to fill the hole in his heart, the Mr. Show veteran is trying to make something good happen out of his distress. In the run-up to Black Friday, Cross posted a note to his fans (titled “I Know … I Can’t Believe It Either”), reacting to the presidential election results and offering his followers a chance to make a donation to a good cause.

“So here we are; A Brave New Lord of the Flies World,” wrote Cross. “This is a note for those who didn’t feel the need to ‘take our country back’ on November 8th (approximately 27% of eligible voters) — it is for the other 73% of Americans who either did vote alternatively to Trump (Clinton, Stein, Johnson, or maybe Harambe), or weren’t able to vote due to restrictions put in place after many parts of the voting rights act were gutted in ‘13,…