T.I. Pens Open Letter to President Barack Obama: “You Shook Up and Woke Up a Generation”

Robin Marchant/Getty Images T.I.

T.I. has entered a real realm of political and social awareness as of late, both in and out of music, and his latest releases will be a series of open letters to President Barack Obama, President-elect Donald J. Trump and all of America.

The rapper and actor’s step toward activism is due in large part to the continued killings of unarmed black men and women in America, as well as the country’s divisive political climate, which he explored in depth on his Us or Else EP and the Us or Else: Letter to the System album that followed. Now, he has shared his first in the series of letters, this one to Obama, telling the history-making outgoing president that his legacy will live on long after he leaves office.

T.I. told The New York Times, which published his first letter with a recorded reading, that his intent with the letters is “to communicate and share my thoughts and try to be a voice for the people who may be thinking of something to say but, for some reason, may not be able to say…