Suicide Squad Wins An Academy Award For Best Makeup & Hair Styling

Congratulations, Suicide Squad. The thrilling super-villain flick is now an Academy Award-winner. The film won an Oscar tonight for Best Makeup and Hair Styling.

Tonight, several members of the DC Extended Universe family will be going home with golden trophies. Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini and Christopher Nelson can now say they are Oscar winners as the trio were awarded for designing the characters of Suicide Squad. From the Joker’s hair to Harley Quinn’s cotton-candy hair, the artists recreated DC Comics’ iconic villains for their first ensemble debut on the big screen. Clearly, the Academy felt the massive job was well done and in sore need of an award.

Of course, the gig was a tough one; That cannot be said enough. Recently, Bertolazzi spoke to Deadline about his work on Suicide Squad and its rigorous demands. When it came down to it, Bertolazzi said no other character was so difficult to create as the Joker because of his pop cultural status.

“Most challenging, of course was the Joker. Everybody does the Joker. The last Joker was amazing, so I was completely… What can I do now? Of course, that was the challenge,”…