Steve Katsaros Innovating a Brighter, Greener Future

Steve Katsaros
By offering  a green alternative for lighting, Steve Katsaros is helping developing nations leapfrog carbon based power and lighting solutions.

Here at PeekYou we try to help you discover people making a difference in the world today.  To that end, today’s post focuses on innovator and entrepreneur, Steve Katsaros, whose company Nokero is helping to fight climate change by bringing solar powered lighting to developing nations across the globe.

We took some time to catch up with Steve and learn more…

PeekYou: What is Nokero?

Steve:  We’re a Denver based company looking to provide green, viable lighting to the 1.4 billion people living without electricity today.   At Nokero, which by the way stands for “No Kerosene”, our mission is to help developing nations skip straight to green, viable lighting for their people.

PeekYou: What got you into making solar lights for the developing world?

Steve: Five years ago I was walking past a construction site with strings of traditional lights. I thought – why aren’t those solar? So I designed the world’s first solar light bulb, patented it, and started Nokero. I knew there must be a much larger market than construction lighting and that’s when I found out about energy poverty in the developing world.

PeekYou: How big an issue is energy poverty?

Steve: 1.4 billion people live without electricity and light their homes with kerosene lamps or candles. Over 1 million people die each year from accidental kerosene burns. That’s almost twice as many that die from malaria.

PeekYou: Tell us about your products.

Steve:  I’m proud to say we recently launched the N233, which is the world’s most efficient light when you measure the light output to the energy input. It’s also one of the first lights we’re selling to US consumers – it’s great for camping, emergencies, or anywhere you’d need a flashlight. And the great thing is… no batteries.

PeekYou: What else should we know about Nokero? Or how can we help?

Steve:  Spread the word about energy poverty, help those in need.  As a special promotion, Nokero will send a light to a needy family in the developing world for everyone one bought by a US consumer.  Get yourself a handy light and help fight climate change.

In this blog’s opinion, it is going to be innovation and entrepreneurs like Steve that ultimately help reverse climate change and provide a brighter future, literally, for the world.