Skip Bayless’ 9 biggest beefs with the Dallas Cowboys’ loss

The Packers outlasted the Cowboys, 34-31, on Sunday in the best game of the playoffs so far. It was a bitter disappointment for a top-seeded Dallas team that had its sights set on a Super Bowl bid.

In a game that close, with so many twists and turns, there will inevitably be several pivotal — and controversial — moments. Resident Cowboys supporter Skip Bayless took issue with plenty. Here are his nine biggest grievances on the game, from Monday’s episode of “Undisputed.”

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1 Mason Crosby’s field-goal wizardry

The Packers kicker came up huge, nailing two 50-plus-yard field goals in the game’s final minutes, including the winner as time expired. Both kicks were wobbly but somehow found a way to wiggle through the uprights, causing Skip to lament the Cowboys’ bad fortune with the laws of physics.

“(Those were) two of the most bizarre field goals I have ever witnessed in my life,” Bayless said.

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Aaron Rodgers’ crafty trickery

Facing a 3rd-and-5 on their own 30 on what would be their first touchdown drive, the Packers quarterback called an impromptu hurry-up play as the Cowboys were trying to substitute personnel, drawing a “12 men on the field” call against Dallas and a Green Bay first down. Smart play? Skip wasn’t a fan.

“If you can’t beat ’em, trick ’em,” he said.

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Brice Butler’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Down 7-3, the Cowboys were driving toward a score late in the first quarter when Dak Prescott hit Terrance Williams for a 22-yard pass to the Packers’ 15. But the play was negated by this call on Butler, who briefly ran on the field before the play prior to being called off and was ruled to have participated in the huddle, which drew an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

“He didn’t go in the huddle! He didn’t participate,” Bayless said. “He didn’t duck in and hear a play call and then leave. … He just ran on by mistake, he…