Sign-Language Interpreter Becomes Viral Star



Amber Galloway-Gallego — as posted of here by the good folks over at Yahoo News — has been making a name for herself across the Web lately.

In a memorable and attention-grabbing fashion, she does sign language interpretations of live concert performances for hearing impaired audience members. She most recently gained the Web’s attention accompanying rapper Kendrick Lamar at Austin City Limits on October 12. We were originally going to embed video of Amber enthusiastically accompanying Lamar earlier this year during his performance at Lollapalooza, but given the saucy nature of Lamar’s material (from which, to be honest, much of the humor in Amber’s interpretation originated), we’ve decided to instead provide you Yahoo’s family friendly feature on Amber.

You can learn much more about Amber, and the good work and genuinely valuable service she provides, by clicking her highlighted name above and visiting her PeekYou profile, where you’ll find links to videos, websites, articles, and social pages. Check her out.