‘Sherlock’ is Returning for a One-off Special and New Series

gatiss freeman cumberbatch moffat
While we’ve all known that BBC One‘s magnificent Sherlock would be returning eventually, there was always the crushing question of when; given the intensely busy schedules of all involved.

Well, the Beeb has brought us closer to an answer, as they announced today that the program will begin filming in January 2015; a one-off special, as well as the show’s fourth, three 90-minute episode season.

On Wednesday morning, the following tweet appeared, with a bit of an allusion to the last series’ “surprise” cliffhanger:

Sherlock tweet
The Radio Times outlines here the extensive Twitter teasing, from various quarters, that preceded this reveal

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And while we’ve got your attention, and we’re discussing all thing PeekYou and Sherlock (well, some things at least), we bring you once more the below PeekScore list; assessing the online prominence and influence of the program’s various principal cast members (as well as notable guests, and showrunners).

Rank Picture Name Role PeekScore

Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes 8.29 / 10.00

Martin Freeman John Watson 8.15 / 10.00

Steven Moffat Co-prodcer & Writer 8.01 / 10.00

Andrew Scott Jim Moriarty 8.01 / 10.00

Mark Gatiss Mycroft Holmes / Co-producer & Writer 7.98 / 10.00

Rupert Graves Inspector Lestrade 7.59 / 10.00

Lara Pulver Irene Adler 7.22 / 10.00

Loo Brealey Molly Hooper 7.15 / 10.00

Una Stubbs Mrs. Hudson 7.12 / 10.00

Jonathan Aris Anderson 7.03 / 10.00