Seth Meyers calls out Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and ‘alternative facts’

The next four years under Seth Meyer’s microscope might feel like a lifetime for President Donald Trump.

The Late Night host took a NSFW “Closer Look” at the weekend’s inauguration festivities and Trump’s belief that the media downplayed the crowd size.

Side-by-side photos shared in the clip compared the size of Trump’s swearing in on Friday to Barack Obama’s in 2009.

“Look at those photos,” Meyers said. “They look like shots from a Billy Joel concert before and after he plays Piano Man.”

Meyers then showed footage of Trump speaking at CIA Headquarters where he estimated his inauguration crowd to be 1-1.5 million.

“I love how he gets so breathless when he’s upset,” the talk show host said, smiling before settling into a wispy Trump voice. “I turn on the TV this morning and said, ‘They’re showing a picture of an empty field. There’s millions and millions of people.'”

Offering some…