Serena Williams Crashes Wedding

Serena Williams
Fresh from getting knocked out of the French Open, tennis superstar Serena Williams (PeekYou profile here), took to Instagram on Saturday to post photos of her and fellow star pro, Caroline Wozniacki (PeekYou profile here) crashing a stranger’s beach wedding.

While vacationing in Miami — where on Friday they watched the Heat win Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers, to secure their spot in the NBA Finals — Williams and Wozniacki came upon the wedding as they were catching some sun and waves.

“Wedding crasher!! Congrats!” read Williams’ photo caption. Some commenters on Instagram suggested that maybe Williams’ attention grabbing antics — which found her wearing a flattering leopard-pattern leotard, which she had been using as a swimsuit — were inconsiderate to the bride. But noting in the photos suggest that her presence was anything other than welcomed by all.

Serena Williams
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