Sen. Ted Cruz: Because Everyone’s Talking About Him

Ted Cruz
PeekYou is concerned with a lot of things, but nearly all of them relate to helping you — and users like you (naturally) — find people on the public web. As such, we don’t involve ourselves with, and/or opine on matters political; staffed, as we are, with those of as diverse leanings as you can imagine.

But, this Senator Ted Cruz fella has been the talk of the Internet today (ABC News goes into why here), and we figured we’d let you know where you could find an extensive catalog of his online presence, so perhaps you could do your own research and reach your own conclusions. This entry is by no means an endorsement nor a rebuttal.

You can either click on the link in the above text, or you can just search for Senator Cruz directly on PeekYou. When you do so, you’ll be led to tons of links to articles, social networking pages, videos and more.