SEE IT: ‘Deadpool 2’ teaser shows Ryan Reynolds’ bare butt, pokes fun at ‘Logan’ (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Ryan Reynolds is baring it all in “Deadpool 2.”

The actor shared a preview to the sequel of his raunchy hit superhero movie “Deadpool” to Twitter on Saturday and the clip featured the same morbid sense of humor as the last — as well as some brief nudity.

Oh, and Stan Lee makes a cameo.

“Anyone know the number to 911?” the star wrote on Twitter, sharing the clip’s title: “No Good Deed.”

The trailer follows the anti-hero, Wade Wilson, as he witnesses a robbery and transforms into his alter-ego Deadpool in a phone booth. Unfortunately, his wardrobe change takes up a bit too much time and the robbery doesn’t end well.
A still from the new…