See inaugural set up as Washington prepares to become Trump Town (video)

WASHINGTON — There’ll be a parade, bands, horses, protests and the kind of hoopla that only occurs only once every four years.

Welcome to Washington, Donald Trump.

Or, as the president-elect and former real estate developer will be called on Friday: Mr. President.

If the country is still divided, the physical space of District of Columbia appears to be ready, at least. Finishing touches are being applied on the massive inauguration platform outside the U.S. Capitol, where the swearing-in takes place. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will give the oath of office to the new vice president, Mike Pence. Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Trump.

Pence and Trump will join members of Congress for the traditional post-inauguration luncheon inside the Capitol, although some members including Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and civil rights icon, are skipping the whole event. Since his election Nov. 8, Trump, an outspoken, Twitter-prone communicator, and his liberal critics have not closed their ideological and stylistic chasm.

Lewis said over the weekend he doesn’t consider Trump to be “a legitimate president.” Trump responded on Twitter, saying Lewis should spend more time helping his district, which Trump said was in horrible shape, falling part and crime-infested. He accused Lewis of being “all talk, talk, talk — no action or results.”

Protesters will be seen and heard amid the inauguration crowds Friday, but they’ll have Saturday, with the Women’s March on Washington, to dominate the news. Barring unforeseen events — and recent weeks have…