Schwarzenegger Gives the People What they Want

pull up to the bumper, arnie

Arnold Schwarznegger, the former governor of California, among other things, has recently returned to his film career in earnest.

To help promote his newest flick, Escape Plan, which is in theaters now, he took to Reddit this weekend. Rather than do an “Ask me anything?,” having done one in the past, he instead did an “Ask me… to deliver your favorite lines.” The concept being that a Reddit user posts a request for a specific catchphrase from one of Arnold’s many films, and Arnold responds with a YouTube video of him saying the requested line.

You can head on over to Reddit and see what the heck we’re talking about here, and you can visit Arnold’s PeekYou profile — where you’ll find links upon links to the many nooks of cyberspace where his presence can be felt — by clicking his highlighted name above.