Scarlett Johansson Becomes Superhuman in the New ‘Lucy’ Trailer

Magical Scar Jo
This Lucy seems to have her sights set a bit higher than just nosing her way into Desi’s show at the club; in fact, by the looks of things, she’s angling to become one with the universe, or something. We’re not entirely sure, but it looks sort of cool.

The trailer for the upcoming flick from director Luc Besson (PeekYou profile here), which stars Scarlett Johansson (PeekYou profile here), has hit the Internet and we have it below.

The trailer suggests that the flick will tell a gentle tale of a young woman coming of age as she’s forced, in a gruesome way, to become a Taiwanese drug mule. The twist, you see, is that she becomes superhuman as an unlikely side-effect of a brutal beating she suffers at the hands of a drug lord… Or something (as before, we’re not 100% sure).

If you’ve got a taste for high octane action, possibly pretentious gobbledygook (think The Matrix or Inception), and arguably unconscionable gun-play and over-the-top violence, then we highly recommend peeping the below.

If you don’t care for any of those things, but you still enjoy the works of either Ms. Johansson or Mr. Besson, visit their PeekYou profiles for a multimedia tour of the very best of what the Web has to offer of their lives and careers.