Ronan Farrow: Spawn of Sinatra?

Ronan and Frank
Activist, journalist, and Obama administration foreign policy official, Ronan Farrow, has always been understood to be the only biological offspring of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. As it turns out, this may only be half true, as apparently Ronan’s father could instead be the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra (Farrow’s ex-husband).

You can see what New York Post’s Page Six had to say about this here, but the gist is that in a recent Vanity Fair interview Mia was asked directly if ol’ blue eyes was (blue eyed) Ronan’s paw, and Mia answered “possibly.” We’ll add, humbly… JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Ronan himself, brilliantly, had this to add to the discussion.

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