Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back



Those of us who used Facebook during this past week are probably all familiar with the site’s A Look Back feature. Offered in connection with their 10th Anniversary, the feature, theoretically, told “your story” via a hokey video montage consisting of your profile’s photos set to music.

For a day or two, most newsfeeds were jam-packed with these videos, and — just as frequently — people complaining about these videos.

In a lovely bit of double-dip satire from the YouTube page of a guy named Tom Kucy, the mayor of the great city of Toronto, Mr. Rob Ford (PeekYou profile here), has his memorable recent past reviewed and reminisced over, employing Facebook‘s now familiar and already well-worn template.

By visiting Mayor Ford’s PeekYou profile, you can keep up with both what he chooses to share online, and what the rest of the Web has to say about him.