Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Fallon, and ‘Word Sneak’

Fallon and Gervais
On Monday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy (PeekYou profile here) welcomed comedian Ricky Gervais (PeekYou profile here) to the show.

Jimmy, of course, loves to engage his guests not just in banter, but in various bits; often built around a challenge and/or contest. Doing so, of course, often makes for viral video gold.

On Monday, the challenge was a game of something called Word Sneak. The game’s rules are simple: Each contestant gets five cards with random words on them (each contestant gets different words). From there, the players are to use each of their five words in conversation, in an at least semi-coherent fashion. The first player to use all five words wins.

But, as you’ll soon see, the rules are a clearly secondary concern. It’s all about the laughs, and the video views, and the then theoretical further laughs.

Ricky and Jimmy can be investigated more in depth via the many public web links — including social pages, videos, photos, news articles, and more — to be found upon their PeekYou profiles.