Redskins place exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins

The Washington Redskins placed the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins on Tuesday.

Cousins received the nonexclusive tag last year. It’s the first time in history a team has used the franchise tag twice on the same quarterback.

He reacted to being tagged on Twitter.

Tag! I’m it!

— Kirk Cousins (@KirkCousins8) February 28, 2017

Because it’s the exclusive tag, Cousins can’t negotiate with other teams. The Redskins can still trade the quarterback, if they choose to, but in that scenario the Redskins would have to grant Cousins permission to talk to other teams and work out a long-term deal before a trade likely would be completed.

If he were to be traded, Cousins’ preferred destination is the San Francisco 49ers, according to a source close to the quarterback, as he loved playing for new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan when Shanahan was the Redskins’ offensive coordinator and really likes his system.

The Redskins can negotiate with Cousins on a long-term deal until July 15. At that point, there can be no deal struck until after the Redskins’ season. Cousins will make $23.94 million under the tag.

Cousins helped guide the Redskins to the postseason in 2015 after a sluggish start in…