Phil Jones and his “Faces of Real Estate”

Phil Jones
From the ubiquitous BuzzFeed we’ve learned of Minneapolis area art director and graphic designer, Phil Jones (PeekYou profile here), and his hilarious, somewhat labor intensive, and fairly esoteric prank/art project; Faces of Real Estate.

You can read all about it at BuzzFeed here, but the basics are that Phil admired the courage of local realtors willing to plaster their faces all over town on bus stop benches. To honor them, he took photos of himself replicating the clothing, hair, and poses of a few select real estate agents, and then took to the bus stops to replace the subjects’ faces in the various ads with his own. If you click through to the BuzzFeed piece, what we’re attempting to explain will all make sense quickly.

Phil himself is a designer with a fairly impressive resume, and a quite robust social media presence. If you click through to his PeekYou profile above, you can explore his works and all that he’s been sharing with the Internet up until now.