People Are Talking About Britney (As They Always Have, and Probably Always Will)

Brit Toxic
About to embark upon a two-year Las Vegas residency beginning this Friday, and in the wake of a two-hour documentary special, I Am Britney Jean, having aired on E! this weekend, Britney Spears (PeekYou profile here) is — as she’s been so many times before — currently the topic of much conversation and inquiry.

While her latest album has been perceived as a flop, for the most part, it’s clear that her celebrity hasn’t waned a touch.

Ascending to the toppermost of the pop machine while still pretty much a kid, descending as far as she could go without disappearing altogether, and then bouncing back from those depths in a nearly unprecedented fashion to achieve an even greater level of stardom than before, Britney’s ongoing tale is not one that will leave the American consciousness — for better or for worse — any time soon.

A visit to her PeekYou profile grants countless opportunities to explore Britney’s life, career, ups, and downs; via links to all the nooks, crannies, and corners of cyberspace where her deep and broad digital presence can be felt.