PeekYou’s Username Search: Have You Tried It?

Username Search
Have you ever been keeping up with someone on, say, Tumblr, Twitter, or a favorite message board, and only ever known them by their screenname or online alias? Have you ever been curious to know more about what he or she may be up to elsewhere on the Web?

Or how about this?

Have you ever come up with a clever handle or online nickname you wanted to claim for yourself (or your company, or your band, etc.) throughout cyberspace, and were curious about its availability across the social Web?

We can help.

At the top of‘s Free People Search pages, you’ll find two search fields; one for searching names, which is self-explanatory, and one — which is extremely popular with our users — for searching usernames.

Utilizing this feature could not be more simple. Enter the username about which you’re curious, in the Username Search field, and PeekYou will quickly show you any PeekYou profiles associated with that username; allowing you to learn more about the individual behind the alias. And perhaps even cooler, your search will return links to all sites on which that username is currently being used.

For example, here’s the result PeekYou would return if you were checking on social accounts from, the identity behind, and/or the availability of the username “jmanziel2” :

Username Search results
As many people employ the same username across numerous or even all platforms, our Username Search can provide you with the opportunity to follow a favorite Internet personality wherever it is on the Web she or he may be providing content. It also allows you a quick and easy way to see what’s available for you in terms of creating your own online brand.

Go give it a shot and let us know what you think.