PeekYou Ranked Top 1,000 US Website

Today it is official. According to Quantcast, is now ranked 997 in US websites, marking the first time we have broken into the Top 1,000. This announcement comes only a few weeks after PeekYou was able to break through 100,000 visitors per day. We are now seeing traffic steadily increase, approximately 8-10% week over week, with consistently high traffic over 100,000 visitors per day.

PeekYou Ranks Amongst Top 1,000 US Sites

PeekYou ranked as 977 among US Sites on December 16, 2010 according to

Thank you to all of our users who continue to come back and check out some of the exciting things we are doing here at PeekYou! Our development team has been phenomenal, and we could not have made it this far without their dedication, hard work and vision.

Next stop: Top 500! See you there…

The Team