PeekYou Partners With iSocket For Self-Service Advertisement Buying

A lot of things are happening here at PeekYou. We recently just became a Top 500 US website according to Quantcast, and are tracking to hit Top 400 fairly soon. As part of this growth, we recently partnered with a media buying platform named iSocket. iSocket allows anyone with an display advertising budget to come to our website and purchase impressions for any given time period that they like. It gives buyers the ability to choose what they want to buy, and for how long they want us to display their ads.

How does it work?
All you have to do is go to PeekYou’s online ad shopping cart, which allows anyone to come through and by a specific amount of impressions for any of the 4 inventory placements that we have open on our website. Once you decide how much to buy and when you want your ads to run, all you have to do is upload your creative and a process a payment. All impressions purchase through iSocket are guaranteed on PeekYou.

Use our self-service checkout to buy display advertising on

PeekYou recently partnered with iSocket to allow brand managers and media buyers to purchase premium display inventory on

Who is PeekYou’s audience?
PeekYou indexes well with a slightly female, well educated and affluent online audience in the 18-45 age range. We are the perfect publisher for media buyers and digital planners who would like to get the message out about their specific product or brand to as many people as possible. If you want to learn more about PeekYou’s audience, please view our Advertising Page and Demographic Information pages.

What type of inventory to do you have?
PeekYou is currently selling 4 specific placements across our website. They include:
1. 728×90 Leaderboard on the Search Results page

2. 300×250 Medium Rectangle on the Search Results page

3. 728×90 Leaderboard on the Individual Listing page

4. 300×250 Medium Rectangle on the Individual Listing page

Sounds great! Where do we buy?
Head over to our iSocket page, which allows you to purchase the inventory that you would like to buy.

If I have some questions, who can I speak to?
Send us a note at with your inquiry. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are starting off our prices low to garner some interest in display advertising on Get in early while our inventory is cheap! PeekYou presents a great opportunity for brands to get in front of an affluent, slightly more female crowd that spends money online. With our number of pageviews per visit, we allow brands to get their message across to thousands of viewers per day at an extremely competitive CPM.