Integrates PeerIndex Scores

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We are happy to announce that we have recently integrated PeerIndex’s influence score on! Users of our website will now see PeerIndex scores listed under the Twitter Section of Search Result pages as well as on Individual Listing pages (displayed only when our search engine is able to match and identify a publicly available Twitter URL). Below are some screenshots of the integration in action:

PeekYou Search Results Page
PeekYou Search Results with PeerIndex Scores

PeekYou Individual Listing Page
PeekYou Individual Listing with PeerIndex Score

“We’re very excited to have PeerIndex’s influence scores readily available to our users on,” says Raj Ajrawat, General Manager of “For us, it’s about providing our users with better content and better context to their searches, and we believe this integration will further our efforts in providing our users with a great people search experience.”

PeekYou currently offers a different type of measurement score, named PeekScore, that focuses on quantifying an individual’s digital footprint and presence online. Our goal is to provide an individual’s PeerIndex score in conjunction with their PeekScore, to help our users understand where individuals may rank in terms of digital presence on the web. “We feel that having both scores readily available will make it easier and more relevant for our users when they conduct searches on, since they compliment each other so well,” continues Ajrawat.

What is PeerIndex?
PeerIndex scores are a measure of web authority that are calculated when individuals participate in meaningful exchanges of information online. According to their FAQ, “these exchanges take place all over the social web, whether it’d be a shared link on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We also believe that the type of information we share reveals a lot about who we are, whom we know, and what we know – after all, we tend to talk about the things we care about, are most knowledgeable in, and with people interested in similar subjects.”

“The PeerIndex algorithm recognizes the importance of speed and quantity by which we spot, share (and thus approve) content on any specific topic. Our choice of content recommendations can thus be used as a proxy to measure our knowledge, or authority, in a specific subject area. We also take into account the relationships we build on various social media platforms. The impact of those relationships also affects our authority exhibited on the web. Your authority on a subject is affirmed when the content you share is approved – i.e. Retweeted, Facebook Shared, +1’ed or commented on, by someone else that is an authority on the subject.”

For more information about PeerIndex, check out their FAQ and visit their site. Let us know if you have any questions about the integration!

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