PeekYou Attends the PII2011 (privacy identity innovation) Conference

For the past couple of days PeekYou’s CEO, Michael Hussey, and Josh Mackey, our General Manager of Business and Product Development, have been in San Francisco attending the pii2011 (privacy identity innovation) conference. While there, Mike and Josh have had the incredible opportunity to meet with the leaders of other companies who share PeekYou’s commitment to providing consumers with more control over their personal information, as well as sharing our dedication to better educating users about who can see what they put online, and where it can wind up. Whether consumers want to increase their online presence or remain largely anonymous, we believe that choice should be their own. Mike and Josh have been heartened to be spending face-to-face time with others in our industry who share this vision. All of us here at PeekYou are looking forward to continuing, deepening, and acting upon the discussions initiated this week, and in the weeks and months ahead even more intensely focusing our energies on increasing consumer choice and awareness, in the areas of online privacy and beyond.

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