Pass rush suddenly disappears again for Seahawks

RENTON, Wash. (AP) For the first half of the season, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks defensive line were able to create havoc, getting into the backfield and making opposing quarterbacks aware of their presence.

Through eight games, Seattle had recorded 27 sacks and at one point Avril was leading the NFC in sacks.

But for the past five games, the pass rush and the ability to sack the quarterback has gone missing. And as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed in Sunday’s 38-10 thumping of the Seahawks, if given enough time due to the lack of pressure it’s possible to find holes in Seattle’s secondary.

”I am concerned about that. We would like to get those numbers back to going like they were,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said.

Over the past five games, Seattle has just five sacks, highlighted by the complete lack of pressure on Rodgers. Seattle recorded one sack – late in the third quarter when Rodgers fell down – and had just three quarterback hits. The lack of pressure allowed Rodgers to pick apart Seattle’s secondary to a passer rating of 150.8, the highest ever allowed by the Seahawks since Carroll took over.

It’s a growing concern not so much for the final three weeks of the regular season when Seattle faces the other three NFC West teams, all headed for losing seasons, but whether it will be an issue when the postseason arrives.

”I’m disappointed in that because our…