NYCC ’14: The Web’s Biggest (Superhero) Comic Book Artists

With the enormously well-attended New York Comic Con now well and fully underway in PeekYou’s hometown, and with the whole danged world continuing to be superhero happy, it appeared an especially excellent time to revisit and revive this list.

Unlike its San Diego counterpart — which has for many moons been an all-encompassing pop culture gathering with comic books being only one facet — NYCC has seemed determined to keep proper comic books, and the pop culture they specifically inspire, as its focus.

Still, much from the greater “genre entertainment” sphere — sci-fi and fantasy TV, video games, books, and films — is represented, and more so now than ever A-list celebs will pop their heads in to promote this thing or that at the New York con. Indeed, already this week NYCC has seen an appearance from the likes of George Clooney (which you can read about here).


With the real world appearing a bit topsy-turvy and full of turmoil and strife, it makes sense that folks are seeking escape in fantastical tales of those whose entire existences revolve around saving the day in spectacular fashion. The fact remains, however, that while people far and wide do seem to to dig the comic book heroes when portrayed on the big (and now even small) screen, in the modern world it’s a more — shall we say — select crowd who enjoys going to the source for their recreational spills and thrills.

To return the discussion to the source, and to be “pure” in our acknowledgement of this attention-grabbing event, we bring you this; an exploration of the niche concern from which the much more lucrative industry of 3D IMAX, “grown men gallivanting in tights” epics sprang forth. Here are 10 of the most widely respected and beloved living (mainstream, superhero) comic book artists.

As comic book fans can be a feisty bunch, we must stress that the order is based upon the artists’ PeekScores -– meaning the magnitude and depth of their varying degrees of impacts, presence, and influence in cyberspace -– and not upon their respective, relative qualities or talents as artists.

EXCELSIOR! And enjoy, True Believers!

Rank Picture Name Books PeekScore

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, 300 8.57 / 10.00

Jim Lee All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, X-Men 8.32 / 10.00

Alex Ross Marvels, Kingdom Come 8.30 / 10.00

John Byrne Fantastic Four, X-Men 8.20 / 10.00

Mike Mignola Hellboy 8.10 / 10.00

John Romita Jr. Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Kick-Ass 8.07 / 10.00

George Perez Avengers, Teen Titans 8.07 / 10.00

Neal Adams Superman, Batman, Green Arrow 8.01 / 10.00

J.H. Williams III Chase, Desolation Jones, Batwoman 8.01 / 10.00

Steve Ditko Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Mr. A 8.00 / 10.00