New Jersey Gubernatorial Race

Pulaski Skyway in the great Garden State
It would be safe to say that New Jersey governor Chris Christie (PeekYou profile here), whatever your opinion of him, is currently one of the most famous politicians in America.

As we’re writing this entry it’s election day and Governor Christie is up for reelection. Due to his extremely high profile, and rampant speculation regarding a possible presidential run in 2016, a lot of people are paying attention to this race.

His primary opponent today is New Jersey state senator Barbara Buono (PeekYou profile here), who has served Jersey’s 18th Legislative District, as a Democrat, since 2002. You can read a Slate interview with Senator Buono here.

If you pop in on both of their PeekYou profiles, you’ll discover websites, articles, videos, social pages, and more.