NBA affirms Joel Embiid’s hunch on key late call: Refs missed it

The NBA says Aron Baynes should have been whistled for a foul on Joel Embiid with 14.6 seconds left in Wednesday night’s closeout Eastern Conference semifinal game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

Boston led 111-109, and after the game, Embiid — who would have gone to the line if the call had been made — said he felt he was fouled.

The league agreed in its “Last Two Minute Report” published Thursday.

The Celtics went on to win 114-112 to take the series 4-1 and advance to play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East finals.

“I mean the play unfolded, and I mean the refs, they had a great game, I thought they were great tonight,” Embiid said. “But I mean I felt like there was something on that last play, but you can’t really do anything about it….