NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon Pranks Doubting Blogger

Test Drive 2
About a year back, NASCAR star, Jeff Gordon (PeekYou profile here), went viral with a Pepsi-sponsored prank video called Test Drive (which you can check out here).

In it, while disguised, he took an unsuspecting car salesman on a terrifying automotive journey; or at least Pepsi and Gordon would have had us believe.

We won’t doubt their veracity too outwardly, as apparently now there could be a dear price to pay for doing so, as demonstrated in their sequel video; Test Drive 2.

The second time around the target was Travis Okulski (PeekYou profile here), a blogger for, and an apparently relentlessly vocal skeptic of the first video’s legitimacy.

If what we’re seeing is to be trusted, and again we’d dare not suggest otherwise, a masquerading Jeff Gordon makes Travis a believer via a diaper-requiring cab ride to Hell and back. Check it out below.

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