NASA’s “Superhero Robot,” Valkyrie, Has Come to Save Us All



In the video above, Nicolaus Radford (PeekYou profile here), of NASA‘s Johnson Space Center, demonstrates Valkyrie, the so-called “superhero robot,” that is far more terrifying in appearance than in reality.

Created, in part, for the purposes of precursor trips to Mars, paving the way for eventual manned missions, Nicolaus explains in the above clip that Valkyrie was designed to look cool as heck; without ever really explaining why. But hey, cool looking robots never hurt anyone; at least not if the three laws of robotics are being adhered to.

Wisecracks aside, visiting Nicolaus’ PeekYou profile will lead you to articles, further videos, and more, which all better explain what his very cool work is all about. Head on over and check it out.