Music Industry Majors Sue Hip-Hop Streaming Site Spinrilla

“Spinrilla specializes in ripping off music creators by offering thousands of unlicensed sound recordings for free,
Courtesy of Spinrilla

Spinrilla may be a relatively new player in the streaming marketplace, but it’s already caught the attention of several major record labels — that are suing the site for allegedly sharing unauthorized music with millions of users.

The Recording Industry Association of America on Friday sued Spinrilla and its founder Jeffery Dylan Copeland in Georgia federal court, on behalf of UMG, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Recording Corporation and LaFace Records.

Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Beyonce are among the artists that Spinrilla offers through its streaming site and app who aren’t being paid for the use of their music, according to the complaint. The description of the service evokes memories of Napster, the original music industry troublemaker.

“Through the Spinrilla website…