Mr. Safety and ‘The Coolest Sound Ever’

Mr. Safety
Popular YouTuber and filmmaker Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams, was recently exploring around Alaska with his girlfriend — where the two moved in August — when he happened upon a frozen lake.

As one might do, he decided to skip some rocks across it, which led to an unlikely and dreadfully entertaining discovery; “the coolest sound ever.”

Cory’s enthusiasm in the clip, upon hearing said sound, is infectious and sympathetic, and his girlfriend joins in on the excitement as well.

Cory is not the first to discover this effect, of course. As Canada’s Cottage Life magazine explains here, “… the chirping and pinging when you chuck rocks at the frozen water? They’re different from the noises you’d generate by whipping rocks at, say, dirt, because underneath the ice the water isn’t solid. Ice vibrates up and down, similar to a drumhead or cymbal vibrating after being struck.”

Cory’s substantial Web existence can be explored via the many links to be found upon his PeekYou profile, accessible by clicking his highlighted name above.

Check it out here (If you just want to get to the coolest sound, skip to around 3 minutes and 40 seconds in):