Modern Women Are Benefiting From Coworking Spaces

Shared workspaces, also known as co-working spaces, have been increasing in popularity over the last few years.  Coworking spaces allow employees to work in an open space with a sense of community, as opposed to working in an isolated cubicle.  Coworking spaces can be beneficial to not only productivity but can also be linked to general happiness among employees.  Coworking can be especially beneficial for women, because the open floor plan allows men and women to work alongside each other equally, as opposed to having separate offices and cubicles based on job rank.  Here are some of the many ways women can benefit from coworking spaces.  

Working Without Hierarchy

In a traditional office setting, there is a clear “boss”, who usually has his or her own office apart from everyone else.  People in higher up positions also typically have bigger offices than other employees, and everyone else is usually left to work in a small cubicle or shared office space.  In coworking spaces, everyone works equally among each other, and collaboration between coworkers is encouraged.  Sure, there is still a ladder based upon job rank, but the distinction is less apparent in a coworking space.  Shared workspaces allow employees to feel like they are part of a team, rather than a corporate pecking order.  

Ability to Collaborate with Coworkers

Coworking spaces allow coworkers to bounce ideas off of each other because everyone is sitting in close proximity of one another.  The open floor plan encourages employees to talk with their neighbors and work together as a team, rather than work alone on projects.  This style of working can also be beneficial to more introverted people because it allows them to open up and feel comfortable talking to coworkers.  Conversation tends to flow more naturally in coworking spaces, which is extremely beneficial for productivity and the overall greater good of the office.

Less Stress and Isolation

One of the biggest benefits of coworking spaces is that they allow coworkers to socialize more, and in turn takes off a lot of unnecessary stress.  Working alone in a cubicle can lead to depression for many people, and some don’t even see daylight for the entirety of their shift. Coworking spaces typically have higher ceilings, natural sunlight, and a generally more cheerful vibe than most traditional offices. Save a lack of sunlight for nighttime, when you can reduce your stress with a set of comfy sleepphones and soft wave tracks- work time should have motivation!  A more pleasant environment leads to happier employees and happier employees means a higher quality of work being put forth.  Coworking spaces also allow employees to work at their own pace, collaborate on projects, and help out a coworker when needed.  This leads to a more positive work environment and promotes equality and teamwork.