Marvel Studios Boss Confirms Spider-Man Is Only Sony Character In MCU

Marvel Studios Boss Confirms Spider-Man Is Only Sony Character In MCU

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Ever since Sony announced that Ruben Fleischer would be directing Tom Hardy for the Venom movie, there has been a whirlwind go conflicting statements and information about the Spider-Man spinoffs supposed connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now Kevin Feige has attempted to clear up all of the rumors and reports that have been swirling around in an interview with JoBlo. After former Sony boss and Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal said that Tom Holland could appear as the Wallcrawler in their movies, Keige seemed slightly taken aback.

“Right now, Spidey is in the MCU and it’s just Spidey,” Feige said to JoBlo. “Civil War, Homecoming, we’ve already shot a lot of Tom Holland’s scenes in the upcoming Avengers films, and we’re just starting to solidify our plans for Homecoming 2 — we won’t call it that, whatever it is — which is exciting because it’ll be the first MCU movie after untitled Avengers in 2019. It’ll be the way Civil War informed everything in Homecoming, those movies will launch him off into a very new cinematic universe at that point. Those five movies are [what] we’re focusing on.”

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Besides confirming Marvel Studios next movie to followup to Avengers 4, Feige also seems to be nixing any plans for Venom to appear in any MCU movies.

Now, keep in mind…