Martellus Bennett: They ‘overpay’ Super Bowl champs

Ever the character, Martellus Bennett was all over the place after his first Super Bowl win.

The Patriots tight end celebrated with his brother on NFL Network; he brought his daughter to his postgame news conference; and somewhere amidst the chaos Bennett confirmed that he wouldn’t join the team when they visit the White House.

But Bennett saved his best quip for last, projecting his future while living in the present.

“I’m going into free agency as a Super Bowl champion,” the enigmatic tight end declared after the win, according to the New York Daily News. “You know they overpay Super Bowl champions!

New England’s offseason acquisition of Bennett via trade with the Chicago Bears turned out to be more crucial than it was deemed at the time. When Bennett joined the Patriots, he was set to be a complement to Rob Gronkowski, demanding attention from safeties previosuly disposed to covering the…