Man Incites Animal to Attack Dirtbike. We Are All Entertained



From New Zealand comes this highly entertaining video, which is currently going viral. It features a guy who goes by the name of Budd Hanz (whose PeekYou profile you can visit here), a GoPRo camera, a dirtbike, and a seemingly quite perturbed ram.

The Daily Dot goes into some detail here, but the basic story is this; Budd was dirtbiking one day, Budd met a ram, and the ram — as rams will do — charged (and subsequently, well, rammed) his dirtbike. Budd then had an idea (and we not only paraphrase, but guess at this): “What if I attach a GoPro camera to this ram, and then incite him to ram my dirtbike again?” And he followed through on this idea, and we all benefited for Budd’s way of thinking, as we now have the above video.