Louis CK, Bradley Cooper, and an Amusing Coincidence

CK and Cooper
A video showing a weak grasp of the concept of irony (in its title), but fairly enough suggesting we could sometimes better research our quips, has gone viral, and is worthy of a viewing.

As background, in case you’re not familiar, on the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, each episode ends with the featured guest submitting to a Q&A with the program’s studio audience of young hopeful actors. The great stand-up comedian, Louis CK (PeekYou profile here), once quipped that simply by volunteering to be one of those young hopefuls, you’re virtually ensuring that you’ll never make it in show business.

Louis would probably have been correct, were it not for one notable exception; recent Oscar nominee, Bradley Cooper (PeekYou profile here). An actor who, in addition to once having asked a question during an Inside the Actors Studio Q&A, memorably beat the stuffing out of CK onscreen in last year’s flick, American Hustle.

A somewhat clever YouTuber has fashioned a crude video out of these elements, and the Internet has responded favorably by watching it over and over again. Won’t you join the Internet by doing so (the clip is below)? And afterward, visit the PeekYou profiles of CK and Cooper, where you’ll find the best of the stuff the Internet has to offer on each of them; including social pages, videos, movies, interviews, articles, photos, and much more.