Logan Eyeing Massive $170 Million Box Office Opening

Hugh Jackman’s final foray as the Wolverine—currently the 3rd Most Anticipated Film on ComicBook.com—is facing some stacked odds against its box office success.

Not only is the movie rated R—which can sometimes damper the money it rakes in—but it will be facing stiff competition when Beauty and the Beast releases later in the month.

But, with a bit of encouragement from fellow mutant Deadpool, the Best There Is At What He Does is still primed for a huge opening weekend.

Deadline is reporting that Logan will pull in around $170 million in the worldwide box office in its first weekend.

SNIKT, indeed.

With $65 million coming from a domestic haul, the estimates would place Logan as the second highest grossing Wolverine film, behind X-Men Origins which made $85 million in its opening weekend.

And with critical acclaim coming from all corners, it has the potential to do even better.

The same report states that the potential for China is a “wildcard,” noting that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is currently doing well and the LEGO Batman Movie is set to open this weekend as well.

But X-Men movies tend to do well in the People’s Republic of China.

We’ll find out…