Lil Bub as a Kitten



If you’re anything like an avid Internet user, chances are better than decent that you’ll be at least passingly familiar with Lil Bub; the insanely cute cat who is famous for being, well, insanely cute.

While Bub’s likeness has spread, far and wide, to the degree that it has due to her “permakitten” appearance, recently unearthed footage — included in the clip above — shows her as an actual kitten of only 8 weeks old. You can sit here guessing at what it might be like, or you can just press play and look at the danged kittie already.

While we don’t generally index animals, Bub has such a vast and rich online existence that we do have a special PeekYou profile for her right here. By visiting it you’ll be led to her social profiles, blog, videos, photos, Wiki entry, and much more.