Leaked report: Mo Farah coach Alberto Salazar may have violated USADA rules

The United States Anti-Doping Agency has determined that Alberto Salazar, the coach of several prominent Olympic track and field stars, may have skirted anti-doping rules by providing performance-enhancing substances to athletes, according to a leaked USADA report obtained by the London-based Sunday Times.

One of the athletes who allegedly received the substances is four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah, the British distance runner who has trained under Salazar. Farah maintained Sunday that he has always competed cleanly and never broken anti-doping rules, countering any association with “allegations of drug misuse.”

According to the report obtained by the Times, Salazar gave athletes infusions of the chemical L-carnitine, a naturally produced amino acid which can be medically prescribed as a supplement for heart and muscle disorders. It is not a banned substance for athletes, but infusions of more than 50 milliliters over a span of six hours are prohibited.

The USADA documents were leaked to the Times by “Fancy Bears,” the Russian-based hacking group that also posted confidential WADA information about famous American Olympic athletes last year.

In a statement posted on his personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, Farah said it is “deeply frustrating” to be forced to respond when he has “done nothing wrong.”

“I am…