Kristen Stewart proves she’s no ‘wuss’ with ‘Personal Shopper,’ ‘SNL’

In Personal Shopper, Kristen Stewart plays her most confounding character to date: a grieving psychic moonlighting as a high-fashion buyer.

Oh, and did we mention she also might be texting her dead brother?

“To play that was interesting, because I had no way in preparing for it. It was just being willing to be the most lonely and isolated you could ever possibly imagine,” says Stewart, 26, who continues her recent streak of offbeat fare in the supernatural thriller (in theaters Friday in New York and Los Angeles; expands through April, adding Boston, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle and other cities on March 17).

Fortunately, she had a cheerleader in French director Olivier Assayas, who wrote the character of Maureen with the Twilight star in mind after working with her on 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria (for which she won a César Award, the Oscars’ French equivalent).

Reteaming with Stewart, “I was excited about the idea of trying with her something that is multi-layered, because she is an actress of great depth and subtlety,” Assayas says. “I thought she could express things way beyond what we did together on Clouds of Sils Maria.”