‘Kong: Skull Island’ star Tom Hiddleston: ‘I can’t play Loki forever’

Tom Hiddleston, star of ‘Kong: Skull Island,’ tells USA TODAY’s Bryan Alexander about filming the first American movie in Vietnam.

Tom Hiddleston earned his spot in the hearts of die-hard fans and on the pop culture stage with his role as Loki, Marvel’s trickster god.

The MTV Movie Award-winning best villain role has been very good to Hiddleston: He has played the part in 2011’s Thor, 2012’s The Avengers and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. But the actor knows this must end one day.

“I cannot play Loki forever, it’s not possible,” says Hiddleston, who turned 36 last month. “Loki is immortal and I’m deeply mortal.”

Eventually, there’s going to have to be a Loki conclusion or a Loki replacement.

“Regeneration, at some point, will be required, I’m not quite sure when,” he says.

Hiddleston has done his part to expand his impressive curriculum vitae, starring in AMC’s The Night Manager, which earned 12 Emmy nods, including an outstanding lead actor nomination for Hiddleston (a Season 2 hasn’t been announced). His rising profile ensured that Hiddleston was the first brought on board to lead an all-star ensemble (including his Marvel co-stars Samuel J. Jackson and Brie Larson) in Kong: Skull Island (in theaters Friday).