‘Kong: Skull Island’ Sequel — What Monsters Will the Giant Ape Face Next?

'Godzilla vs. Kong' is already in the works, but who else might lie in wait?
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

[Spoilers: This story spoils the post-credit scene from Kong: Skull Island. Do not read any further if you want to remain unaware of what lies ahead.]

The end of Kong: Skull Island makes it clear that the movie is part of Legendary Studio’s larger Monsterverse, with the appearance of Project Monarch — the organization set up in 2014’s Godzilla to keep track of monsters — and a brief glimpse of the monstrous threats that lie ahead in future movies. But who were those other creatures? For those not versed in Godzilla and kaiju lore, here’s a quick primer of the four beasties briefly glimpsed in cave paintings.


This guy, you know — or, at least, you do if you saw 2014’s Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, the first movie in Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise. He’ll also appear in 2019’s Godzilla: King of Monsters. A force of nature, he’s a monster that humanity has tried to kill. He also saves humanity (but destroys San Francisco) by fighting a couple of other monsters. By the end of his 2014 movie, he’s being described as “King of the Monsters?” (question mark included), but some other characters might want to challenge that title…

King Ghidorah

Also known as Ghidrah for complicated reasons that essentially break down into “translating fictional names can be difficult,” Ghidorah first appeared in…