Kelso and Jackie are Engaged to be Wed

Kelso and Jackie
Some 35-odd years past their teenaged times in the great state of Wisconsin, Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart are making it official.

Okay, we know that’s not an original hook, but we can’t help ourselves. Of course, what we’re referring to is the trending scuttlebutt regarding the apparent wedding engagement of actors Mila Kunis (PeekYou profile here) and Ashton Kutcher (PeekYou profile here).

The two played combative high school sweethearts in the popular late-90s-to-mid-00s Fox period-sitcom, That 70s Show. Successful careers followed, as did high-profile relationships and break-ups; Kutcher being married to Demi Moore, Kunis linked to Macaulay Culkin. We’ve admittedly not researched all the ins and outs, but we do know that at some point in recent years the two wound up a couple in real life, and now it seems that nuptials are impending.

You, the Internet, care, so we — the almighty PeekYou — are here to help.

Clicking through to the PeekYou profiles of Ashton and Mila will provide ample opportunities to investigate and explore their vast and broad digital existences. Ashton, being a social media giant, provides tons of content directly, in addition to all else you’ll find scattered about the Web. Mila is more passive in her digital existence, but the Internet provides plenty of content without her active participation. Either way, it’s all terribly good fun and extremely informative, we promise you.

UPDATE: And now they’re expecting a baby.