Katherine Jackson Alleges Years of Elder Abuse by Her Nephew, Granted Restraining Order

Katherine Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s mother, was granted a restraining order on Wednesday against her nephew-in-law, Trent Lamar Jackson, after alleging that he’s been emotionally abusing her for years.

Court papers obtained by ET allege that Trent — who’s related to 86-year-old Katherine through her husband Joe’s side of the family — was employed as her driver, but over time “infiltrated [her] business and personal affairs.” Trent, 52, is alleged to have screened all her phone calls, not allowing privacy during visits, phone calls, and getting information on her bank accounts by “conning” bank employees that he was her authorized representative.

“Mrs. Jackson has to hide in her closet to speak to her kids so she can speak freely,” the documents claim. “Trent bullies Mrs. Jackson into submission, though she is his employer and the matriarch of the family.”

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“He would often ‘check on her accounts’ and Mrs. Jackson believes he is/was taking money out of her accounts,” the documents continue to claim. “Trent also has several credit cards in his possession that belong to Mrs. Jackson … she believe he is using them for his personal and financial gains.”

According to the papers, the alleged elder abuse has already been reported to police by anonymous employees at Katherine’s residence.

“Mrs. Jackson will have moments of strength, and tell her kids that Trent is abusing her, and by the time they get Adult Protections Services to the house, he has convinced her by crying or begging, not to report him,…